The Boat

Albin Ballad – Build #1139 – 1976

One way to judge if a boat was a great design is to find out how many where made. In the case of the Albin Ballad there are over 2000 built. Even today their speed, comfort, seaworthiness and solid construction means they are still highly sought after.

They are also very easy to work on with basic handyman skills and are small enough to easily sail solo or with a small family. As a first boat they are a rock solid choice but also are helmed by experienced sailors who have no problems sailing them across oceans. In fact one Ballad (Sixpence) has sailed the Baltimore Jester Challenge, a sailing route considered so difficult that it is said more people have gone to the moon then completed the northern Atlantic from east to west!

Some of the strengths of Ballad that make her so seaworthy are her encapsulated lead keel, keel stepped mast, strong rig with a main shroud and two lowers, solid polyester hull, rudder mounted on a skeg and her speed.